Customized Vehicle Storage & Transportation

Livingston Carthenon is a highly secure, state-of-the-art vehicle storage facility that provides clients with the priceless luxury of peace of mind. Your prized collection is in the safest of hands, whether in storage or en route to the destination of your choice.
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Mechanical Work & Service Coordination

While being securely stored at Livingston Carthenon, we will ensure that your vehicle’s battery, tires and appearance are kept in optimal condition. Should more extensive service become necessary, our team will coordinate with a network of specialists upon request to restore your vehicle’s full functionality.
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Cosmetic & Mechanical Maintenance

Clients of Livingston Carthenon have access to a range of optional mechanical and cosmetic services, including start-up maintenance, detailing and exercise of the vehicle at your preferred intervals.
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Commissioned Acquisition

The professional team at Livingston Carthenon is prepared to assist clients with any variety of addition to their collection, lending their expertise and providing support at every stage of this important and exciting process.
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Collection Management Services

The Livingston Carthenon experience goes far beyond vehicle storage. Our clients enjoy a multitude of bespoke services such as vehicle relocation, home delivery, maintenance, service coordination, exercise and viewing.
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Vehicle Component Storage

For the security and convenience of our clients, Livingston Carthenon offers storage for any and all vehicle documentation, in addition to essential parts and the accessories that make your vehicle unique.