Commissioned Acquisition

Our commissioned acquisition services simplify the often-challenging process of locating, acquiring, and even restoring a prospective vehicle. Upon commission, we offer a seamless solution to acquire any type, model, and year of car, whether foreign or domestic, antique, classic, exotic, ultra-rare, or muscle.

Commissioned Acquisition Details

Acquiring the vehicle of your dreams can be a daunting process. The team of seasoned professionals at Livingston Carthenon simplify this experience into one which is comfortable and seamless, with the utmost dedication to communication and personal attention.

From classic antiques to the ultra-rare and exotic – and everything in between – Livingston Carthenon will proactively seek out the vehicle of choice, and, once located, provide support with the acquisition of any make, model or year of vehicle, foreign or domestic. The client is kept apprised of each development with total transparency, and restoration services are also available, should they be required.

The Commissioned Acquisition Services of Livingston Carthenon eliminate the time-consuming complications that may be encountered in seeking a very special vehicle, and allow the client to focus on the rewarding journey to your new investment. Here’s how:

Acquiring Your Dream Car With Livingston Carthenon Acquisition

The Livingston Carthenon Acquisition Experience:

1. Provide us with the details of your desired vehicle – these typically include make, model, color, engine, transmission type and year

2. The Livingston Carthenon team works to locate the best available options for your consideration, leveraging our extensive network of private and off-market sellers.

3. Once the vehicle is located and terms of acquisition agreed upon, the Livingston Carthenon team will oversee every detail of the steps required to make it yours.

4. With a dedication to personal support, we can remain by your side after delivery and be your vehicle acquisition partner for many years to come. We offer ongoing services including, but not limited to, various restoration options, coordination of routine maintenance, and premium vehicle storage.

Trust that the acquisition of the future addition to your collection is carefully performed with your considerations and specifications in mind.

For more information, we invite you to contact us today (561) 833-3242 or write us a message right from our website to tell us more about your dream car acquisition project with Livingston Carthenon today.