Collection Management Services

Livingston Carthenon is dedicated to providing its members with full-service concierge collection management services. Our team members ensure that vehicles remain roadworthy and ready for enjoyment at all times with proactive monitoring and regular exercise.

Vehicle Storage with Collection Management at Livingston Carthenon

Clients of Livingston Carthenon experience full-service concierge Collection Management that far exceeds protecting your investment in our state-of-the-art facility. Should maintenance be required, transportation to and from any service appointments will be provided with transporters that are worthy of the asset.

We will also ensure that your vehicle is delivered to your desired destination consistent with your request. Vehicles are routinely manipulated to multiple locations locally, throughout the state of Florida and the United States. Out-of-state movements will be coordinated as desired with the carrier of your choice, or by recommendation with one of the first-tier vehicle transport services with whom we have built relationships since our inception in 2012.

Should you wish to transition any vehicle in storage at Livingston Carthenon out of your collection, our meticulously maintained facility and professional staff allow the focus of any viewing to remain on the very special vehicle under consideration, and it is our pleasure to facilitate such viewings at any time.

Our passion to be the finest at Livingston Carthenon creates an experience of Collection Management that is a seamless extension of your lifestyle.

Additional Maintenance Services

As well as collection management services, when you store your vehicle at our storage facility in South Florida, you can choose to take advantage of even more additional services.

Mechanical Maintenance Services: Exercising and checking mechanical components to ensure proper maintenance. Upon request, Livingston Carthenon can also coordinate mechanical work within our network of local specialists.

Cosmetic Maintenance Services: Our team provides a number of cosmetic maintenance services for vehicles in our storage care. Standard services include washing, waxing, buffing, and careful care.

We take pride in providing personalized care for our member’s possessions. With a dedication to offering the best in service, your vehicle will not only be stored, but properly maintained during its stay with us. Send us a message about your collection management needs for vehicle storage today or by calling (561) 833-3242.